How to Kiss a Girl – An Easy Guide to the First Kiss

If you’re a little shy around women, you might think it’s absolutely impossible to kiss women during your first conversation. Instead of cracking your skull thinking of ways to start a sizzling kiss with women, learn how to detect the signs that tell you when a woman wants to be kissed.

Do you think you can get a girl to want to kiss you? Yes, you can, but only if you follow the next tips…

A Step-By-Step Guide to that Guaranteed First Kiss

Tip#1: The natural kiss

Before you kiss a woman, make sure she feels comfortable with skin to skin contact with you. Touch her hand, her cheek and her hair during your conversation. Escalate by resting her head on your shoulder. Once she’s completely at ease with touching, it won’t be long before she lets you kiss her.

Tip#2: Build Romantic Rapport.

Her impression of who you are is created when you tell her sentimental stories about your childhood, your college years or your travels. No one wants to kiss a jerk so make sure your stories are heartwarming and girl-friendly.

Tip#3: Make yourself bodily available

She won’t be able to just grab you for a kiss if you’re seated far from her. Move your body in a way that you can be kissed with minimal movements.

A kiss will surely put your girl in a daze, but did you know that you can put a girl in a trance before you kiss her so she won’t have the will to reject you? You can do this easily by hypnotizing her. Use the seduction tool called fractionation to induce the kiss. The main technique has something to do with the way you make her anchor her emotions on you. The best part is that you can do this in less than 20 minutes during your conversation.