Kissing in Cars: Fun Games For Lovers

Do you love kissing in cars? What’s so special about those kisses from behind the wheel? Are there certain things you can do to make kissing in cars even more fun than ever before? If you spend a lot of time commuting, or traveling with your lover, or even just running errands together, taking advantage of the opportunities for kissing in cars can help you enjoy your relationship even more.

Kissing in cars is a fun way to take the monotony out of some common traffic problems, but be sure you travel safely! If you’re in a moving vehicle, keep your seatbelt on – imaging how embarrassing it would be to explain your injuries to authorities in the event of an accident!

Red Light Kisses

When you’re stuck at a red light, do you complain? If you spend a lot of time at red lights, don’t waste the opportunity to enjoy a few kisses. See if you can gauge the amount of time each red light takes, and make your kisses last just as long as the light takes to change. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself stopping at yellow lights instead of speeding through.

Railroad Crossings

If waiting for a train to go by makes you stir-crazy, then relax. Pausing for a few minutes while a train passes is a premium opportunity for some serious smooching. Kissing in cars is fun to begin with, but often those kisses are cut short because you’re holding up traffic. A long train can take five or ten minutes to go by – and things can really heat up in that amount of time. When you get to your destination, people will wonder why you’re smiling!

Drive-In Movies

What a shame, that so many drive-in movie theatres have closed down! If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theatre in your area, make the most of it! Pack a romantic meal or snack, and head to the theatre. Does it really matter what’s playing? This is a prime time to enjoy kissing in cars like our parents and grandparents did – so enjoy it while you can!

Parking Lots

Have you ever been stuck in a parking lot, waiting for what seems like hours for traffic to clear up so you can leave your spot? What’s the rush? Kissing in cars can make this seemingly boring wait feel more like time well spent, so stop worrying about waiting for a break in the traffic, and relax. Think about how many times you’ve wished you had just a few minutes to enjoy each other’s company, and you’ll be glad you have this opportunity to spend time together.

Traffic Jams

Caught in traffic, behind an accident or stopped to wait for construction equipment? If you’re at a dead standstill, you can take the opportunity to steal a kiss or two – just be sure to drive safely and don’t kiss while your car is moving.

Kissing in the Rain

Don’t let bad weather get you down – raindrops sliding down your windows can afford you plenty of privacy for some intense kissing sessions, so if you’re waiting for a storm to let up, and you’re safely parked, enjoy the opportunity for intimacy.

Kiss For Many Reasons

Kissing is not just a symbol of romantic involvement. Kissing, as an act, has many different meanings but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you may be anticipating that once a year excuse to garner an intimate kiss from your sweetheart.

“Kisses kept are wasted; love is to be tasted.
There are some you love, I know; be not loathe to tell them so.
Lips go dry and eyes grow wet waiting to be warmly met. Keep them not in waiting yet;
Kisses kept are wasted.”

– Edmund Vance Cooke

A kiss may be casual, intimate, hold a religious significance, or it could be a right of passage. With so many acceptable definitions that are signaled by a kiss, it is easy to misinterpret some. Here is some history and information about the kiss just in time to sweeten up any of your Valentine’s Day conversations.

Often used for greeting, respect or good luck, kissing in some cultures is completely unknown. Kissing the hand or ring of your leaders is a privilege, kissing the lips of you lover is a treat and stimulates significantly different internal reactions.

An intimate kiss includes other senses such as smell, touch and taste. Public displays of affection are uncomfortable for many and you may see a pair of lovers dart into a doorway for a bit of privacy when they are enticed into a passionate embrace and kiss.

There is a difference in the kiss of those whom we love and those whom we are in love with.

Parents affectionately kiss their children, siblings kiss upon greeting and other relatives regularly receive an expected kiss upon greeting. Kissing out of admiration and non-romantic love often travels outside of family members and may include close friends. Except on New Year’s Eve, when at the stroke of midnight a quick kiss on the lips is shared with practically everyone in the room.

Literature covers the act of kissing in many different ways. Kissing a frog may break a spell of witchcraft and bring you a prince. Kissing a sleeping princess may bring her back to life, and as a bonus possibly her hand in marriage. A kiss may be a sign of emanate danger or betrayal, as in the kiss of death.

People throughout history had kissed as a sign of respect. Kissing the ground, the cross and other idols, and Joan of Arc kissed the Sword of Liberation in an 1863 painting by Rosetti.

Technically, kissing takes a bit of coordination with your partner, but a passionate kiss lets you exchange some of the greatest pheromones, triggering a natural response from your mate. Frequent kissing in committed couples has been found to reduce stress and cholesterol while increasing a more satisfying relationship.

The next time you give or receive a kiss, consider for a moment the motive behind it, then pucker-up and plant one!

How to Kiss Well – Going for the Kill

Have you been dreaming of being kissed so passionately by the guy you love? Or, you just want to kiss the hottest guy in school? How was your first kiss? Kissing is one of the most romantic physical activities that two people can be engaged at. Aside from the actual love making, kissing is a form of expressing one’s love, desire or admiration for someone.

But, have you ever asked your self if you are a good kisser? How will you know that? It’s not proper to ask someone but you can tell through his actions though. Here are some tips on how to kiss well:

How to Kiss Well Tip #1: Be conscious with your hygiene. I know that you wouldn’t kiss a guy if he has bad breath and if he has nasty body odors. Guys as well wouldn’t kiss us if we have an unpleasant breath and if we look untidy. You must be an inviting target. Keep yourself clean all the time. It not just brushing your teeth, it’s actually your total package that would make a guy want to kiss you.

How to Kiss Well Tip #2: Close your eyes and lips. For a first time kisser, this is the basic. Do not let your guy do it all the way. It would lessen the fun and excitement. Be a little bit of a tease. Take it slowly. He will surely remember that even in his dreams.

How to Kiss Well Tip #3: Know where to position your hands. The most romantic kiss would be your hands wrapped around your partner’s back (somewhere at the middle) and his at your waist. This is what we often see at movies where ladies even flip their foot to make it look so romantic.

How to Kiss Well Tip #4: The right positioning. Make sure that you and your partner are in the most comfortable position when you are kissing. You wouldn’t want interruptions just to secure a nice position. Whether you are standing, seated, or lying on the bed, what matters most is that you are both comfortable and you enjoy the moment.

How to Kiss Well Tip #5: Going for the kill. This is what they often call the French kiss. With your mouths open, eyes closed, your hands traveling through each other’s body plus your tongues moving back and forth in a circular motion, this is one passionate, sensual and most romantic kiss you can do with your guy. Most often than not, this leads into something more sensual. But we can enjoy this without getting pressured of doing the deed. Going for the kill will surely arouse your guy’s senses and make him want you even more.

Kissing has no proper procedure. But, it requires proper timing and a perfect place. Whatever methods or techniques you learn on how to kiss well, it will still be a great factor if you are doing it with the guy you like or you love. A kiss will always be sweet when you do it with someone who is special to you.

Learn How to Kiss – 4 Easy Steps to Make the Kiss a Perfect One

Are you up for a date and doesn’t even know how to kiss perfectly yet? Do you want to make him ask for more? Do you want him to stick around with of your strikingly sweet kisses? Here’s for you. With this course, you’ll learn how to kiss perfectly. You might have been thinking that could there really be a perfect kiss? Well yes, there is. You might have noticed some romantic movies having that same angle that goes along with the head movements. That’s what you’ll learn from here. Anyone wants the feeling a kiss brings, well except for the bad-smelling mouth. So you must make sure that you brushed your teeth and used a mouth wash.

Learn how to kiss with these 4 easy steps.

Step #1: Start with a cute little smack.

It’s just too tempting to begin with just a little, and then end it with a boom. Firstly, kiss him with your mouth closed. Highlight the sexiness of your lips to make him feel wanting more. Just give him a smack. You’ll know if he likes it or not. His face tells it all. If he looks at you and holds his gaze for about 10 seconds, then he likes it and he wants more. If he doesn’t, he’ll just look down, not make eye contact, and maybe leave, which happens almost never. So be happy!

Step #2: Wrap your arms around his neck.

Learn how to kiss with the use of your arms and hands. Now that you know that he likes it, this is the time for some action. Slowly travel your hands from his waist up to his chest, then finally to his neck. Lock it down on the lower part of his back hair for you not to loose balance along the kiss. Then do something that will give him the chills. Play with his hair and rub it up and down before doing the next step.

Step #3: Kiss him with your head in a slanted position.

If you will notice that when you kiss straightforwardly, you’ll just hit each other’s noses, which is pretty irritating right? You want it to be a perfect one, then your nose suddenly ruins everything? That is completely annoying. You must learn how to kiss properly if he’s a guy that you really like. Okay so slant your head on the left then on the right and so on. If what you did just a while ago was having your arms tightly wrapped and locked around his neck, now unlock it and play it down to his face and then to his shoulders and then back to his face again. It is just a cycle to keep his desire.

Step #4: Part your lips.

This one is something that you already know. But this particular one will make you learn how to kiss even more appropriately. Part your lips and gently kiss him with an open and close motion. Never start to get on to the wet kiss yet. Just make him burn his desire even more. It will never be that hard to make him initiate the wet kiss when you’re already done increasing his urge. Slightly bite his lip to make it sexier then if he gets further with it, go on!