Kiss Alive 35 Concert Tour

Kiss is scheduled to travel to more than 40 American cities from September all the way to December. Like before, the all-male rock group will appear before the audience in their patented makeup and matching costumes.

The songs they’ll sing in this upcoming concert will be predominantly composed of their greatest hits. They are also set to perform some of the cuts that are included in their new album, “Sonic Boom”. The show will last for two hours and will make the audience nostalgic of this prominent 1970’s band.

And just like it were in the 1970’s, viewers can expect bigger and better pyrotechnics and pyro-arsenals to come into fore. The new stage is set and a better battle gear is in place. It will be a fiery, ferocious, and death-defying night of songs and entertainment, the Kiss style. The Alive 35 concert is a product of Kiss’ 35 years in the rock entertainment world.

Kiss is an all-American metal rock band which was formed in New York in the 1970’s. Kiss was very popular during that decade because they were the only group who performs with unconventional concert acts which include intense face make-ups and pyrotechnics. Also parts of their live shows are fire breathing and blood spitting.

Gene Simmons plays the bass guitar. Paul Stanley does the rhythm guitar. Peter Criss plays the drums and Ace Frehley is on the lead guitar. All of the members of the group sings and add to the vocals.

Aside from the members’ unusual makeup, they also wear elaborate costumes to go along with it. Each member assumes the same persona in their performances. Simmons was The Demon, Staley is The Starchild, Criss plays The Catman, and Frehley is The Spaceman. Their makeup is always the same, with their faces white and their symbols painted on their faces.

It was Simmons and Stanley who founded the group. At first, they were the Wicked Lester and they were only a duo. However, this group didn’t achieve much success as they hoped for. One day, they saw Criss’s advertisement in Rolling Stone. Being a veteran drummer, he was invited to audition for Wicked Lester. He got in and Wicked Lester became a trio.

Soon after, the group met with Frehley when two of his friends accompanied him to the auditions. Frehley’s eccentricity impressed the group and it became his ticket to get in. During the auditions, Frehley wore sneakers that don’t match – one red and the other is orange. When Frehley officially joined the group, the name Wicked Lester was changed into Kiss.

Kiss was able to create a total of 19 studio albums and 8 live albums. There were also 18 compilation albums created under their name. From these, Kiss was able to produce 24 gold albums and had sold more than 19 million copies in the United States alone. Worldwide, they were able to sell over the 80 million mark.

Romance Novels – How to Write a Good Kissing Scene

Of course, you know it’s all about the attitude, the surroundings, and the character. Nobody wants to kiss an untouchable character, and if the surroundings aren’t appropo, you’re going nowhere. That attitude thingie… well, if your lady isn’t swayed by the glint in your eyes, it won’t matter what your lips taste like.

Pucker up boys…

Before you pucker up to kiss your lady off her feet, you’d better make sure those lips are smackable and tasty. Kissable lips are full, slightly moist and quick to laugh. Those are the spectacular lips you’ll have when you select just the right guy for kissing in your story. He’s bound to be a bit edgy, well rounded, the hero kind of guy who doesn’t mind sticking out in the crowd a little, but smart enough to understand he isn’t the centerpiece of the story. He’ll be the man who holds his woman in highest esteem and treasures her enough to wait until she’s ready for that ultimate personal touch – the kiss.

So exactly how will you write this most enticing of topics?

Sensual words that capture the essence of sexuality come to mind, but then… so do tender, comforting and decadent words that delight and entice the reader into the moment. Finding the key to sensuality and then using that key to bring the reader into the emotional commitment that takes place before the kiss. Holding those key words as a component of building a relationship, and keeping the moment intact with some force of unity, and pealing away the walls of humanity to reveal the vulnerability of two people who share the intimate connection of kissing.

The setting…

This all important part of the scene is like setting up a stage. First you describe the weather, the surroundings and the temperature that brings your romantic couple together. Then you set the lighting and surrounding mood music for romance, maybe light a few candles.

The characters…

Describing characters and creating personalities that mingle, collide and tempt brings life to the story and drives romance to a titillating crescendo which appeals and entices the reader. Creating a conflict between characters often leads to a stormy romance that brings two individuals together in a heated romantic interlude. Who can resist a make-up kiss?

The kiss…

Seductive brilliance comes to mind. The epitome of a lightning flash coming in direct contact with the target — at the specific time that allows the most power to travel from the start of the lightning strike to the pinpoint where flares of sparks ripple through the atmosphere creating a rumble of thunder that shakes the earth and rattles the heavens. If the kiss is not at least powerful enough to disrupt the shining of a few stars, your verbal expertise needs a stunning amount of newly created vocabulary.

Seduction is the name of the game. Kisses were made to seduce the reader into the book and captivate the audience. No self-respecting writer would miss the opportunity to share a kiss that curled the toenails of their reader.

Puerto Madryn, Argentina – The 5 Best Places to Kiss

Long walks along the beach, the moon’s reflection over the water, and the peaceful melody of the waves – these are just a few Puerto Madryn’s dreamy features. Romance runs wild in the small beach town and it is a great place to visit when wanting to go in for the perfect kiss. Here are five locations for five kisses that won’t let you down.

Kiss #1 – The daytime beach along Avenida La Roca. Here the beach is a little busier but this is a great way to start your trip. With a bright shining sun, a blanket/towels where you can enjoy a picnic, an umbrella to provide some shade, and that special someone cuddled up in your arms, you will surely enjoy this kiss.

Kiss #2 – Take advantage of the wildlife. The giant rocks that stretch out into the water from Puerto Piramide form a private walkway to the whales. Wake up early. During the right season you can sit on these rocks in the early morning and watch the whales come alive with the day.

Kiss #3 – Plan a romantic dinner. Simosa is a delicious restaurant that sits on the beach. It creates an incredible ambiance with candles, uniquely adorned lanterns, an outdoor terrace, great music, and a large selection of wine. Order the chocolate dessert to prepare for the kissing.

Kiss #4 – A night time beach view. From the southern shores you will get a different perspective of Puerto Madryn. Next to the Indian statue on the hill there are many viewing areas that look back over the city. It is a beautiful view. But don’t worry, the city lights are not strong enough to obscure the starry sky.

Kiss #5 – A nature refuge with the best view in town. Inside the Ecocenter there is a windy staircase that leads to the tower above. Follow the stairs to an elegant viewing room covered with simple white paint and the only decoration needed – the wall to wall view of the ocean. It will take your breath away.

You may feel inspired along the way to squeeze in a few more kisses but for guaranteed satisfaction, check out these 5 Puerto Madryn kissing locations.

Smiles, Hugs, and Kisses in the Airport

Smiles, hugs and kisses

Make the world go around

Lots of love does abound

It comes with a sweet sound

Go to the airport and see

People interacting affectionately

Embracing tightly and joyfully

Saying goodbye tearfully

Greeting newcomers happily

Welcoming familiar faces

Travelers from many places

Weary from their long journey

Seeking some friendly company

A helping hand to carry luggage

Escort them to get their baggage

Secure ground transportation

To get to their destination

Others just arriving to depart

Packing properly is a work of art

Not bringing too much unnecessarily

Whereby you pay for excess dearly

Sometimes airline reps are friendly

Comforting the perplexed soul

Who’s damaged wheels don’t roll

After check in, on to security you go

To drop your backs for inspection

TSA doing their daily investigation

Of your prized personal belongings

Oh, what joy a tender smile brings

When you’re exhausted by everything

Overwhelmed by all of the tedious

Travel items that heavily burden us

The flight regulations that break us

“Open your laptop, take off your shoes”

Dead tired you proceed, but want to snooze

After scanning all of your essential items

Suddenly you recall something you did lose

After which you must go back, circle around

To check for what you forgot in lost and found

All of this travel nonsense makes you frown

Thankfully however usually someone is bound

To interject a joke, or kind, encouraging word

To lighten, uplift, and sustain your inner world

Make you laugh when you are dreadfully bored

Entertain you as you move frantically toward

Where you are diligently endeavoring to go

A gentle smile assures and helps you know

You are not alone in this thing we call life

Though you may be traveling without your wife

Nevertheless people’s smiles, hugs, and kisses

Not necessarily to you, but all around about you

Remind you that there is warmth and kindness

Which strengthens you to get through all of this

Experience an enjoyable journey with happiness

Until you return to your beloved wife to hug and kiss.