Learn How to Kiss a Guy! Essential Kissing Tips Every Woman Should Be Aware of Before Kissing a Guy

When a woman knows the proper timing, kissing a guy is never a difficult task. Women should master the tricks of seducing a man to effectively carry out their plans. Most men are never dense not to recognize that a woman likes them. It is only a matter of proper usage of different techniques. Below are the step by step procedures to kiss a guy. Be prepared and adopt the following steps passionately:

Master the art of flirting and infuse it in your system
There are so many flirting techniques that can be employed to land on a man’s lips. Flicking the hair and sexy hand gestures always help to create a sexual aura. The eyes and lips can make him mesmerized and look forward to kissing.

Be courageous enough to tell what you feel
Don’t waste any second to tell your feelings towards him. Sometimes men prefer to be chased and they like the feeling when a woman confesses her feeling towards them. They just want to take advantage of the easiest route to a woman’s lips and/or heart.

Touching can start up the action
Try to start the action by touching him on his arms, shoulders or face. The first step before any kiss actually happens is through giving him the sensations of touching. Make it gentle, smooth and romantic. Do it with both hands and make it travel at different parts of his body.

Find the right moment
There is always a time for everything. Some things happen in a spur of the moment. Sometimes it happens because either a man or a woman feels excited about the situation. Set his moods and wait if he is up for any action.

Slowly and passionately create a difference
Make that kiss romantic by doing it slowly and passionately. Mimic the most romantic kissing scene ever brought into the big screen. Make him feel he is Romeo or Spider-man. Make every second a real screen kiss.

See how he reacts
Take a break after that initial lip lock. See if he is enjoying it or not. If he liked it, he will initiate for a more intense kissing. Observe if he is enjoying it and step up the game if he doesn’t feel it.

Look into his eyes and let him see your passion
After the kiss always give him a sexy and sultry look direct into his eyes. Show him how hot he is and how he deserves every moment of it.