Kiss Me Baby

A French Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Earlobe Kiss, Cheek Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Forehead Kiss, Hand Kiss, Finger Kiss, the list there’s no end. When comes to kissing we explore all our creativity. It makes us fly, crawl, sweat, dream, go mad, happy, and we can not help to want more.

You wake in a middle of a cold winter night cover in sweat, breathless and agitated.

What happened? You dreamed with the most warm, long, intense, tasty and wild French Kiss with your date. You never wished so much a dream to come true as this. You try to sleep again, but your efforts are in vain. You are too excited to sleep. That kiss is torturing every molecule of your been.

What tortures you? Perhaps, the wish for that relaxing felling that reduce stress, low cholesterol levels, benefit the heart and burn until tree calories a minute. Knowing that it prevents baggy cheeks, smooth the skin and increases the circulation, must also torture you. The apse of torture you live to the thought of what can come after kissing.

At this point, you are already awake, and there’s nothing else to do just keeping torturing yourself with suggestive thoughts. Lying in your burning bed, eyes closed, there is nothing you can do, just travel to the fantasy word. The palm hands seem so pretty, the back of a neck flagrantly and the chin tasty.

You wonder what is the secret behind it. Why it makes, fell so good, right and irresistible? Science is also trying to answer your question and thousands of songs had been written to celebrate it. It fells good because it is the love proclamation, the ego satisfaction, the exercise of desire, the chemical perfect result and the temptation symbol.

The sun is rising now, but you do not want to get down of the plane. You still want to keep in the air, flying in the imagination of soft, and warm lips. Lips, that would take you to the wonderful desire world. A world where the kiss has a soul ice-cream flavour.

Soon the alarm will ring, but all you want is to live in the roof of the mouth, linked in the tongue and rest in the lips. The last thing you need now is a reality wake up call.

Before the reality call, you still have a miracle moment to dance in the knowledge that what you want in a bed not far away someone want it too. You open your eyes, smile to the clock, greets the day, sure to walk straight to only one reality. You know that is going to be a long day, and you can not help to say: kiss me.