How to French Kiss Step by Step

Have you ever been nervous to kiss someone special? It has happened to all of us at one point or another, guy or girl. I’m going to give you some pointers on how to french kiss step by step. These pointers will give you the confidence you need to take your relationships to the next level. Once you have that confidence you will see people of the opposite sex responding to you in whole new ways! The keys to learning how to french kiss step by step are the basics: Location, Timing, and Mechanics.


Just as when people buy a house price is dictated by location, so it is with the perfect french kiss. If you choose a bad location it will be cheapened and your partner won’t enjoy themselves nearly as much. Would you rather live on Boardwalk or Baltic Avenue, New York City or some backwoods backwards town in the middle of no where? I recommend a private place at first, some people don’t mind public displays of affection but when it comes down to it the kiss is supposed to be personal not public. Learning the right location for a specific kiss is essential for learning how to french kiss step by step.


Bad timing will kill the mood immediately. Not only that but it could label you as a “bad kisser”. Being labeled as a bad kisser can come back to haunt you many times over. It decreases the attraction the other person feels for you instantly. The goal of kissing should be to make the person want to be with you constantly, to make them crave you. This can be done by building the moment up to a climax. In order to build the suspense all you have to do is go 2 steps forward and 1 step back until those steps forward take you to the kiss. We’ll go over an example scenario at the end of the article that perfectly illustrates how to french kiss step by step.


Finally we get to the mechanics of the kiss. There are so many types to choose from. For the beginner probably going to want to go with the standard stereotypical french kiss step by step (covered below). For the intermediate kisser throw in a traveling kiss, deep kiss, or nibbling kiss to spice things up a bit with whoever you decide to share kisses with. This honestly is the easiest part of learning how to french kiss step by step. The basic movement doesn’t change until you get into advanced kissing.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what you are shooting for lets go over how to french kiss step by step.

1. Check your breath, brush your teeth, get a tic tac, chew some gum, something to have fresh breath I can’t stress that enough. The experience is ruined with bad breath.

2. Build the tension/suspense. Casually put your arm around her if you are a guy or physically flirt with him if you are a girl but then stop. Continue building the tension a little more by using more and more flirtatious techniques and then stepping back a little bit.

3. Lean in slowly, no rushing. Guys this is when you tilt your head slightly

4. Press your lips to theirs lightly at first and then firmer

5. Open your mouth slightly and put your tongue in their mouth (In my opinion this should be the guys role but sometimes the girls need to take control and get things moving)

6. Keep physical contact, arms should be locked snugly around your partner I like to hold my partners cheek or the back of their neck or head.

7. Break for air when you need to and enjoy the experience

Alright so that wasn’t so bad. You now know how to french kiss step by step, at the very least at a basic level. I think the hardest part is building the tension in step two. Keeping from diving right in to the kiss is definitely a test of a persons self control but once you get a little practice in it will be second nature and your relationships will be improve with the opposite sex immediately through your new found kissing ability and confidence.