KISS in Montreal

Vince & I traveled from Nova Scotia to Montreal in 1996 to see the KISS’s Reunion tour. We ferried to New Brunswick and took the KISS KARAVAN (motor coach) set up by the radio station Classic Rock C98.9 in NB to Montreal. It was a long bus trip, 13hrs, with a group of people who were KISS fans. We didn’t drink at all on the bus and I was afraid to go to bathroom…for just plain fear of so many things. So, I/we held it until every 2hr stop along the way. I had traced a picture of Gene from his solo album and had blackened all the appropriate areas. This picture I held up against the window when we hit the really busy highway getting closer to Montreal. I’d do that to show all the cars we passed or passed us that we were going to see KISS. Now when I look back on that, if someone in a car didn’t know who Gene was, that could have really freaked them out…Awesome! Then we hit this tunnel all of a sudden, everything went BLACK and everyone freaked, but in a good way. We were travelling UNDER the water in a tunnel. It was wicked. Then we arrived, finally! We all stayed in a hotel that used to be apartments so there was a bedroom, washroom, living room and kitchen and a balcony. Didn’t get out to see much of Montreal until returning to the province just last year but I highly recommend going if you get the chance, its an awesome place, lots of shit going on there…it’s alive. Certain areas are better than others and the area we were in was very tourist friendly, the old Montreal…and not to mention tons of strip bars, holy frick!

So the night of the concert came and we were bussed to the Molson Centre, big spot. We were close to the floor in the back but still had good seating compared to those poor bastards way the hell up in the nosebleed section. We were preparing for this moment even before we knew we were going to their concert. We had been watching the 96′ Shout it out loud every chance we had and especially on the weekends, caught every interview on TV and taped it (yeah VCR’s back in those days), so we knew basically what songs they were going to sing and when and no we didn’t have the internet in 96′ we got that the next year. The band opening was called Degeneration X and I think they were pretty good, we were hyped up for KISS so I don’t have a big memory of them…I’m surprised I remembered their name. The show started as it had at every concert “Allllriiiiight (name of your city here – Monnntreeeeallll), You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world ……KISS!!” Black sheer curtain drops with ginormous balls of fire shooting up in to the air from the stage and the music explodes from the stage. We hadn’t a drop of alcohol; we wanted to remember every single second of this (what we thought) once in a lifetime experience. Unlike the couple from down home, traveling with the Karavan, that were a couple rows back. They had a bit too much to drink and decided to experience sushi for the first time while being in Montreal….just before the concert. I think, from what I remember, he got sick and passed out and missed almost the entire concert. During the entire concert we had perma-grins, and the grins didn’t stop! They were AMAZING from the fire breathing, blood spitting, guitars on fire, smashing guitars and drum solos to all of the old songs we grew up with and loved. We were sad to see it end but it had to. We all found our way to the bus, all hyped up and yelling to one another because it was so bloody loud our ears were humming. It was funny trying to communicate on the bus heading back and the driver must have thought we were all nuts, but he smiled. The next day we all grabbed the paper because on the front page was Gene! It was awesome, and I still have it somewhere packed away. The bus ride was enormously long and there were so many feeling quite sick and no one was hyped up like they were on the way in….wow. It was 13hrs of almost total silence and some were sleeping…ok most were.

We were high for the longest time because of having that opportunity and I was telling everyone I could now die happy, we saw KISS. That was the biggest thing for us during that time of our lives and so glad we were able to go. The picture is me dressed as Gene for Halloween in 96′. First time I wore platform type boots and they were not that comfy but worth it to pull off the look.

Anyone have a memory of a KISS concert? Maybe their first, or one that stood out? Maybe it wasn’t KISS but another band that meant the world to you to see? Tell me!! I want to hear about it.

Pick Up and Kiss Women on the Dance Floor FAST!

Believe it or not but from my experience, I would say that from the moment you start to dance with a woman, you don’t need more than three songs before kissing her which is something like 10 to 12 minutes. You should aim to smoothly escalate, get a kiss or extract within 3 songs.

1st Song:

You get to dance with her. Smile and be enthusiastic. Dance close for a while, then back off and dance a few feet away from her. Then get a little closer for a little longer, then pull away again, bodies apart at all times, besides hands for spins etc. Be animated, have fun and forget any outcome. DO NOT become too serious, SMILE, be the same fun guy she was attracted to a few minutes ago, don’t become overly interested and too serious.

2nd Song:

Give her time and space to get used to your body being close to hers, make her feel comfy. At the chorus, hold eye contact and smile, then do some slow dancing.

Stare into her eyes in a loving way. Squeeze her hand and notice if she squeezes back. Then go back to the normal fun guy and keep a little apart, dance floor push pull.

3rd Song:

Dance close to her, slow dance regardless of the music. Lead her with your pace. Have strong eye contact and breathe normally. If things are getting really hot, decide to kiss test.

Look into her eyes and take one hand and stroke her hair back right above her ear. If she holds eye contact with you, go in slowly and give her a smooth kiss, then pull away.

If she turns her head, kiss her cheek instead and then move onto her neck! She will usually turn around and kiss your lips. Don’t lose eye contact, don’t show disappointment if she rejects you. You can even expect some token resistance from her. It’s a good sign though. Just continue and smile and have fun with her, then try again. Try 3 times, if she’s still there with you and her body is close by, it means she just does not feel comfy to kiss on the dance floor, but it is definitely still ON. Ask her, if she likes to travel, when if she says yes, say, “let’s travel”. Take her by the hand and lead her to a couch/isolation spot for the kiss.

Tops in Vacation Fun – Kissing the Blarney Stone at Fabled Blarney Castle in Ireland

“The Blarney Stone,” is also known as “The Stone of Eloquence,” and is both a legend and a fact. If you have wondered about the location of this fabled icon, the answer is to be found atop the 12-foot thick walls of the bleak and eerie ruins of magnificent Blarney Castle.

The “true” legend

In early 15th century Ireland, a Munster king named Cormac MacCarthy constructed a grand fortress in the village of Blarney – upon the edge of a towering cliff near the town of Cork.

The castle top was crowned with a machicolation that was built about two feet out from the main building and held in place by a series of large stone corbels. The objective of this separate wall was to protect castle defenders from flying arrows while they dispatched attackers with hot liquids and rocks dropped through the opening between the suspended outer wall and the structure’s main wall.

The Witch Did It

During the castle construction, a good and grateful witch, who had been saved from drowning by a member of the builder’s family, placed a numinous power into one of the machicolation stones. Unfortunately, she chose a rock in the most awkward location on the battlement. The enchanted stone is set in the bottom of the outer wall positioned more than 5-stories above the ground.

The Leprechauns Made It Public

After the witch empowered the stone, she gathered the local Leprechauns and requested they tell all the “good people” of County Cork that anyone who had the courage to kiss her “Stone of Eloquence” would be rewarded with “the eternal gift of gab.”

Well, you know how Leprechauns are. Before long the whole of Ireland knew of the magical powers of the Blarney Stone, and within 100 years – the whole world knew.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

If you visit Blarney Castle to see the famous stone, you may as well get the benefits of caressing it with your lips, because it is very hard to get a good look at the Blarney Stone without being in the kissing position.

The witch did not make this an easy task. First, there is the long and laborious climb up a narrow spiraling rock staircase to get to the parapet. There is no elevator in the ruins. We counted 124 steps, but we may have missed a few.

Getting Ready for the Smooch

Once you reach the top of the castle and address the stone, the kissing effort requires you to lie on your back, grab onto two iron rails fixed to the outer wall, and wiggle and suspend your head and shoulders out into space in order to reach your objective.

We can tell you first hand that it is a good thing to be on your back during this experience, because you would not want to be facing down. Visitors who suffer from acrophobia have a difficult time standing close to the opening.

Not to worry, the castle provides an able-bodied helper to hold your legs while you stretch over the opening to put lips to stone. A note of caution that we learned the hard way – remove everything from your pockets before you assume the position.

Millions of Kisses and Still Counting

300,000+ lip caresses a year have turned the stone’s kissing spot a rather dismal shade of dark gray. The color and sheen is understandable considering the many millions of people who have kissed the magic rock over the past five-hundred years.

No one knows the full measure of famous and eloquent politicians, actors, literary giants, and business and religious leaders, who owe some – or perhaps all – of their success to the magic of the Blarney Stone.

Blarney Castle belongs on your Irish itinerary

Blarney Castle is a first-rate tourist destination with a fine gift shop, charming gardens, and a superb Rock Close that is said to be built on a former Druid ceremonial site. Check out their website at

If You Go

Consider a stay in nearby Cork, which is just a 20-minute drive from Blarney Castle. Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and has a population of about 150,000. The city center is an island surrounded by the Lee River. Cork has many fine hotels, but the premier 5-Star lodging in Cork is the Hayfield Manor Hotel.

Happy travels!

We flew from New York to Dublin on We enjoyed the Irish hospitality in the sky, you will too.

Kissing 101 – Learn From the Stars

So where did we all learn how to kiss? 

A large fraction of the population learned how to kiss through watching movies or television shows. From Casablanca to Gone with the Wind to Lady and the Tramp, these movies depict how a perfect kiss should be. You can try improving your kissing skills by watching Hollywood’s best film kisses. Here’s my top 10 list:

Kids in America
(Gregory Smith & Stephanie Sherrin)
This movie is about a budding teen romance built upon reproducing Hollywood’s famous on-screen kisses. What’s interesting to note is that this movie holds the record for the longest on-screen kissing scenes – 6 minutes – which can be seen in the end credits.

Before Sunrise
(Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy)
The movie features a series of “getting acquainted kisses” between Jesse and Celine as they travelled around Vienna.

Rear Window
(James Stewart & Grace Kelly)
This film is famous for the “sleeping” kissing scene between Stewart and Kelly. Kelly approaches a sleeping Stewart, in a scene beautifully shot by the great Alfred Hitchcock, and right before she kisses him, he wakes up.

(Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze)
Pottery at its finest. The most unforgettable scene in this movie is the passionate kissing and lovemaking between them whilst Moore’s character is shaping a clay vase with legs spread open. You wouldn’t want to miss that one.

A Room with a View
(Julian Sands & Helena Bonham -Carter)
This movie features an outdoor kissing scene between the feisty Lucy and free-spirited George. After this unexpected and sensuous “passion-awakening kiss”, Lucy was forced to ending her engagement to her suitor, Cecil, played by Daniel-Day Lewis.

The Notebook
(Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling)
A sentimental movie about separation and finding your way back, this film is filled with kisses, the most memorable one being the rain-soaked kiss that came after Allie discovered that Noah had written her 365 letters for each day of the year which were intercepted by her mother and led her to believe that he had forgotten about her. 

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
(Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher)
Who could forget the moment of jaw-dropping truth when the audience realized that this saga wasn’t a film about incest? After Leia said she “would rather kiss a wookie” we all thought dear old Han Solo wasn’t going to get her. But our feisty little princess was no match for the charms of our rugged Han.

The Matrix Reloaded
(Keanu Reeves & Monica Bellucci)
Ah, Monica Bellucci. She plays the love-starved and emotionally-needy wife of the Merovingian. To get back at her husband, she makes a bargain with Neo and Trinity. In exchange for bringing them to the Keymaker, she asks for a sample kiss. “…A kiss…I want you to kiss me, as if you were kissing her… You love her, she loves you. It’s all over you both. A long time ago, I knew what that felt like. I want to remember it. I want to sample it. That’s all. Just a sample…It’s just a kiss”. Neo fails at first and on the second try, Persephone sighs and says, “Yes, that’s it.” 

(Sean Biggerstaff & Emilia Fox)
Art student Ben Willis, in this British romantic comedy, has the ability to freeze time in his fantasy world. At the end of the movie, he shows his girlfriend Sharon, played by Emilia Fox, how he could stop time during a snowfall. Ben freezes time and they begin to share a kiss in a beautiful scene.

Jerry Maguire
(Tom Cruise & Renee Zellwegger)
Of course, who could forget the after-date scene between Jerry and Dorothy. In this scene, Dorothy kisses Jerry and while doing so, Jerry accidentally untied the strap to her dress. But that doesn’t stop there. While re-tying the straps, Jerry kisses her on the side of her neck and her shoulders.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out the popcorn and get ready to watch how the stars kiss and tell. May the smooch be with you…