A 100% Guaranteed Guide to a Kiss – Surefire Ways to Make Her Kiss You!

If you have trouble with girls, then you may believe that it would be impossible to go from just meeting a girl to kissing her in one sitting. Rather than bashing your head against the wall trying to come up with ways to get a kiss, you should learn how to read women’s body language and tell when she’s ready for a kiss.

Getting a woman to kiss you isn’t as tough as it seems. It’s entirely possible, but you’ll need the following tips…

A 100% Guaranteed Guide To A Kiss – Surefire Ways To Make Her Kiss You!

Tip #1: The Natural Method. Before going for a kiss, you need to make sure she’s comfortable getting physically close to you. While you talk to her, touch her hand or her hair and see how she reacts. You can amp it up faster by getting her to lay her head on you. Once she’s warmed up to the idea of touching, kissing is a foregone conclusion.

Tip #2: Create a Romantic Connection.
The way she perceives you is largely based on how she responds to the stories you tell her about your life – stories from your youth or your travels. Be certain that your stories are sentimental and heartwarming. You don’t want to come off as an un-kissable jerk.

Tip #3: Use Covert Seduction Tactic.
A good kiss may leave a woman dazed, but there’s a way to captivate her so that she’d never want to resist your attempts to kiss her.

It is possible to hypnotize a woman using a technique called fractionation and get her to kiss you easily. The basis of the technique is getting a woman to link her positive emotions to you. The amazing thing is that all this can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

Kissing the Blarney Stone in My Overseas Travel Adventure

When you go on vacation, are you the type of traveler that does all the touristy things, or do you like to get into the local flavor of things? I am a total tourist. I have never understood travelers who say that they do not want to do the touristy things when they go on vacation. I mean really, it was the touristy things that attracted you to the vacation spot in the first place, wasn’t it? The touristy things are there, because people who’ve gone on vacation have found that they enjoy them. As far as hanging out in “local” spots, do you think that the locals don’t hang out in the “tourist” spots?

So, when I go on vacation, I like to do the touristy things. My husband and I went to Ireland last year, and one of the things at the top of my list was kissing the Blarney Stone. I did not really know what was involved, but I knew that I wanted to do it. I had not really ever heard of how it was done, I just knew it was one of those “touristy” things that I wanted to do.

So we grabbed a car, and headed across Ireland. That in itself was an experience, but I’ll leave that for another article. Back to the Blarney Stone. The Blarney Stone, as I’m sure most of you know, is in Blarney Castle. If I really thought about it, I guess I would have thought that it was like the Blarney Stone on the side of Fitzgerald’s in Reno. You know, just a big stone in the side of the building that you walked up to and kissed. But that is not how it’s done in Ireland.

The Blarney Stone in Ireland is at the top of Blarney Castle. Blarney Castle itself is awesome! And it’s not a guided tour, so you can just wander around at will. If you feel like hanging out in one of the little rooms for an hour or two you are perfectly welcome to do that. I think that is what I loved about this Castle the most. I have a new appreciation for the servants of the 1500s, who had to carry food and drink up and down those tiny little spiral staircases for their masters.

So, you wander around in Blarney Castle, and you finally make your way to the top. You have an awesome view from up there. And the land around is so green and pretty, just like you expect Ireland to be. So after you’re through taking in the view, you realize that there is a line at one side of the parapet. There are a couple of people there, one is taking pictures, and the other is holding onto people as they’re laying down. Now by this point, I knew what was going on because I had heard talk about how you have to lay down to kiss the Blarney Stone. But I still wasn’t clear as to exactly how it all worked. So we got in line, and waited for our turn at the Blarney Stone. I had my own camera, and I wanted to take a picture of my husband as he was kissing the Blarney Stone. I didn’t get a good shot. But what I did see, as he laid down to kiss the Blarney Stone, is that there was an opening between the inner and outer walls of the castle, and that it was a long way down!

So basically, what you do to kiss the Blarney Stone, is you lay down on your back, grab hold of some bars behind your head, and pull yourself down into that opening between the two walls and kiss the Blarney Stone on the outer wall. The physical aspects of it really are not that tough, but if you’re afraid of heights and you’re looking upside down at a drop of 40 feet or so, it can be a big deal. I watched my husband do it, and I saw that big drop, and I decided no way! My husband tried to talk me into it, but I was pretty sure I did not want to hang upside down over 40 foot drop.

And so, we went back down to the bottom of the castle and exited. While we were at the top, we had seen a manor house in the distance across the park surrounding Blarney Castle that we wanted to go check out. As we were walking, we were talking about our experience in the castle, and how much we had enjoyed it. And I started thinking, seriously, you’re coming all the way to Ireland, and you’ve been in the Blarney Castle, and you’re not going to kiss the Blarney Stone? So I said this to my husband. And he says, you’re absolutely right. And you know what? You can’t really see the ground when you’re leaning over backwards to kiss the Blarney Stone. And so, I decided to give it another shot.

We went back into the castle, and back up to the top. This time, we were the only ones at the top. I walked over and said that I was now ready to kiss the Blarney Stone. I laid down on my back, reached behind me and grabbed the bars, and the gentleman helping had a hold of my shirt to help me ease back to kiss the Blarney Stone. And I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but when you are laying down and leaning over backwards, your eyes naturally get drawn to where you are headed. Yep, my husband had totally lied to me. About halfway to the Blarney Stone, my eyes were drawn like a magnet to the ground 40 feet below me. At this point, I’m already committed, and so I scoot on back to kiss that Blarney Stone with my heart in my throat.

So what is the purpose of kissing the Blarney Stone? Well, it’s supposed to give you the gift of eloquence and gab. Now my husband pretty much always has this, but I think kissing the Blarney Stone that day gave him just a little bit extra. Because how else could he have convinced me that you could not see the ground when you’re leaning over backwards over a wall? The first thing I did when I stood up off the ground was double up my fist and and smack him a good one. The photographer and the helper thought this was just hilarious.

So, that is my tale of kissing the Blarney Stone. And, I was right, I would have been severely disappointed had I gone all the way to Ireland and been in the Blarney Castle and not kissed the Blarney Stone. I had a traumatic 2 seconds, but it was worth it. And, I have the picture to prove it. Fortunately for me, no one can see the expression on my face. If you would like to see the picture of me kissing the Blarney Stone, you can see it on my Adult Travel site, just follow the link below.

Learn How to Kiss a Guy! Essential Kissing Tips Every Woman Should Be Aware of Before Kissing a Guy

When a woman knows the proper timing, kissing a guy is never a difficult task. Women should master the tricks of seducing a man to effectively carry out their plans. Most men are never dense not to recognize that a woman likes them. It is only a matter of proper usage of different techniques. Below are the step by step procedures to kiss a guy. Be prepared and adopt the following steps passionately:

Master the art of flirting and infuse it in your system
There are so many flirting techniques that can be employed to land on a man’s lips. Flicking the hair and sexy hand gestures always help to create a sexual aura. The eyes and lips can make him mesmerized and look forward to kissing.

Be courageous enough to tell what you feel
Don’t waste any second to tell your feelings towards him. Sometimes men prefer to be chased and they like the feeling when a woman confesses her feeling towards them. They just want to take advantage of the easiest route to a woman’s lips and/or heart.

Touching can start up the action
Try to start the action by touching him on his arms, shoulders or face. The first step before any kiss actually happens is through giving him the sensations of touching. Make it gentle, smooth and romantic. Do it with both hands and make it travel at different parts of his body.

Find the right moment
There is always a time for everything. Some things happen in a spur of the moment. Sometimes it happens because either a man or a woman feels excited about the situation. Set his moods and wait if he is up for any action.

Slowly and passionately create a difference
Make that kiss romantic by doing it slowly and passionately. Mimic the most romantic kissing scene ever brought into the big screen. Make him feel he is Romeo or Spider-man. Make every second a real screen kiss.

See how he reacts
Take a break after that initial lip lock. See if he is enjoying it or not. If he liked it, he will initiate for a more intense kissing. Observe if he is enjoying it and step up the game if he doesn’t feel it.

Look into his eyes and let him see your passion
After the kiss always give him a sexy and sultry look direct into his eyes. Show him how hot he is and how he deserves every moment of it.

How to French Kiss Step by Step

Have you ever been nervous to kiss someone special? It has happened to all of us at one point or another, guy or girl. I’m going to give you some pointers on how to french kiss step by step. These pointers will give you the confidence you need to take your relationships to the next level. Once you have that confidence you will see people of the opposite sex responding to you in whole new ways! The keys to learning how to french kiss step by step are the basics: Location, Timing, and Mechanics.


Just as when people buy a house price is dictated by location, so it is with the perfect french kiss. If you choose a bad location it will be cheapened and your partner won’t enjoy themselves nearly as much. Would you rather live on Boardwalk or Baltic Avenue, New York City or some backwoods backwards town in the middle of no where? I recommend a private place at first, some people don’t mind public displays of affection but when it comes down to it the kiss is supposed to be personal not public. Learning the right location for a specific kiss is essential for learning how to french kiss step by step.


Bad timing will kill the mood immediately. Not only that but it could label you as a “bad kisser”. Being labeled as a bad kisser can come back to haunt you many times over. It decreases the attraction the other person feels for you instantly. The goal of kissing should be to make the person want to be with you constantly, to make them crave you. This can be done by building the moment up to a climax. In order to build the suspense all you have to do is go 2 steps forward and 1 step back until those steps forward take you to the kiss. We’ll go over an example scenario at the end of the article that perfectly illustrates how to french kiss step by step.


Finally we get to the mechanics of the kiss. There are so many types to choose from. For the beginner probably going to want to go with the standard stereotypical french kiss step by step (covered below). For the intermediate kisser throw in a traveling kiss, deep kiss, or nibbling kiss to spice things up a bit with whoever you decide to share kisses with. This honestly is the easiest part of learning how to french kiss step by step. The basic movement doesn’t change until you get into advanced kissing.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what you are shooting for lets go over how to french kiss step by step.

1. Check your breath, brush your teeth, get a tic tac, chew some gum, something to have fresh breath I can’t stress that enough. The experience is ruined with bad breath.

2. Build the tension/suspense. Casually put your arm around her if you are a guy or physically flirt with him if you are a girl but then stop. Continue building the tension a little more by using more and more flirtatious techniques and then stepping back a little bit.

3. Lean in slowly, no rushing. Guys this is when you tilt your head slightly

4. Press your lips to theirs lightly at first and then firmer

5. Open your mouth slightly and put your tongue in their mouth (In my opinion this should be the guys role but sometimes the girls need to take control and get things moving)

6. Keep physical contact, arms should be locked snugly around your partner I like to hold my partners cheek or the back of their neck or head.

7. Break for air when you need to and enjoy the experience

Alright so that wasn’t so bad. You now know how to french kiss step by step, at the very least at a basic level. I think the hardest part is building the tension in step two. Keeping from diving right in to the kiss is definitely a test of a persons self control but once you get a little practice in it will be second nature and your relationships will be improve with the opposite sex immediately through your new found kissing ability and confidence.